Byron Bangert's Web Page

Independent Research Scholar, Columnist, and Ethics Consultant

M. Div., Biblical Studies, Vanderbilt University Divinity School, 1973

D. Min., Church & Society, Vanderbilt University Divinity School, 1973

Ph. D. in Religious Ethics, Dept. of Religious Studies, Indiana University, 2004

Former adjunct faculty member, Indiana University

Author: "Consenting to God and Nature: Toward a Theocentric, Naturalistic, Theological Ethics", 2006
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Author: "What Does God Require of Us?" -- Chapter 4 in "Religious Giving: For Love of God," edited by David H. Smith (Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University, 2010), 65-84.
Chapter 4

For other print publications, see listings in my CV.

Curriculum Vitae:  CV

On-line Publications:
1. The Tortured Logic of Torture
2. Disabusing Ourselves of Torture
3. Moral Issues and Motivations in Medical Philanthropy
Buffett's Gift: Thoughts on Wealth and Inheritance in Christian Perspective
5. Dissent as Christian Vocation [2006 presentation at "Dissent: An Interdisciplinary Symposium," University of Louisville]
6. The Heart of Darkness: Torture in Essence and Manifestation [2006 presentation at World Religions Congress, Montreal]
7. The Evolution-ID Controversy and Same-Sex Unions in Theocentric, Naturalistic, Ethical Perspective [2007 presentation at annual Assoc. of Prof. and Practical Ethics meeting]
8. 9/11: Act of War, or Monstrous Crime? [2012 presentation at annual meeting of the Society of Christian Ethics]
9. Monetary Policy and Money Creation: The Forgotten Solution
10. Resolution on Restorative Justice [authored draft of document officially adopted by the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. in 2002]
11. Bill Breeden as Theologian [Festschrift contribution on the occasion of Breeden's retirement as Co-pastor, Bloomington Unitarian Universalist Church, June 2014]
12. No Need to Abandon a Realist, Theistic Conception of God [Published in "The Fourth R," Vol. 29:2, 19-24, 26]
13. A Case for Theological Realism [Published in "The Fourth R," Vol. 31:1, 17-19]
14. Columns published in the Bloomington Herald-Times
15. Sermons Archive
16. Theological Essays (1999-2001)
Essay One "In Life and in Death"
Essay Two "Christian Eschatology: Prescription for Life"
Essay Three "Till All the Women Are Strong, All the Men Are Good Looking, and All the Children Are Above Average: Theological Anthropology in Light and Promise of a New Day"

17. Reflections on My Fifteen Years as Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Bloomington, IN
18. Essay on "Call" written for The Christian Century magazine (unpublished), 2019

Instructor, R170, Fall Term, 2004:
"Religion, Ethics, and Public Life"
Course Syllabus online: Syllabus

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